Discover the benefits of handmade, chemical-free soaps.

Commercial soap will leave your skin feeling dry, tight and itchy. Not

so when you use a bar of Abbey James soap. There are many known

healing properties of the oils and butters we've chosen to include

in our soaps, and those who suffer from common skin conditions and

sensitivities often find immediate relief when they make the switch.


Our Gourmet Soaps are handmade using our unique combination

of natural plant oils, butters and coconut milk. There are

no harsh detergents or artificial additives in our soaps. . . just smooth

creamy lather, abundant bubbles, and mega-moisturization. If you've

never tried anything other than mass-marketed, commercial soaps, go

ahead and see what the fuss is all about. After all, isn't it time you

Treat your skin better!