Since 2008, The Abbey James Co. has been committed to bringing you luxury handmade bath and body products that include more natural ingredients in higher percentages than most commercial products you'll find in the marketplace today.

Initially created in 2007 by its founder, Becky Smith, The Abbey James Co. began as a personal search for alternative treatments of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. During that time of research, Becky discovered the many healthful benefits of natural oils, butters, clays and sea salts. She also discovered that most of her own skin care products contained little, if any, of these beneficial ingredients and much more in the way of unknown chemicals and parabens, which are believed to have an adverse effect on our health.

In an effort to eradicate such ingredients from her home and family, Becky began creating her own version of skin care products and natural soaps to replace all of the questionable items they were currently using. Her main goal was to produce skin care that contained a very high percentage of naturally beneficial ingredients without the use of artificial additives, chemicals, and useless fillers. The result is a beautifully creative line of products that are super rich and hydrating and only require a minimum amount of product for maximum effect. The Abbey James Co. uses only the highest quality ingredients, each having been chosen specifically for their naturally restorative and nutrient-rich properties. All products are paraben-free and handmade in small batches to ensure optimum quality and freshness.

Our luxury bath and body products are currently sold in boutiques, salons and gift shops , online and most recently as fundraising projects for non-profit organizations